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8  Enhancements to Open ProSe Direct Discovery
9  Enhancements to support proximity estimation
9.1  Candidate enhancement solutions
9.1.1  Enhancement Solution 1: Estimation based on inclusion of coordinates in discovery message over PC5
9.1.2  Enhancement Solution 2: Estimation based on inclusion of coordinates in Match Report Ack over PC3
9.1.3  Enhancement Solution 3: Coarse proximity estimation based on path loss
9.1.4  Enhancement Solution 4: Authorization for broadcasting and use of location information over PC5
9.1.X  Enhancement Solution X: <Title of Solution>Word-p. 74
9.2  Topics for further study on support of proximity estimation
9.3  Conclusions on enhancements to proximity estimation
10  Solution for status determination and reporting (public safety use)Up
11  Conclusions
A  Evaluation of transport options for Direct Discovery (public safety use) functions & other non-discovery related proceduresWord-p. 76
B  Change HistoryWord-p. 80

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