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6.4  ProSe Identities
6.4.1  Solution I1: Solution for ProSe Identifiers for Public Safety Mission Critical Applications using direct discovery
6.4.2  Solution I2: ProSe Identities
6.4.3  Solution I3: Retrieval of ProSe Identity
6.4.4  Solution I4: ProSe Identities for ProSe service
6.4.5  Solution I5: Solution with ProSe UE Identifiers targeted towards Public Safety applications
6.4.6  Solution I6: ProSe Application Identities allocated using application layer mechanisms
6.4.7  Solution I7: Random and Temporary ProSe Identity
6.4.8  Solution I8: Application-defined ProSe Application ID and system provided ProSe UE ID
6.4.9  Solution I9: Registration for ProSe services by using a 3GPP assigned ProSe Identity

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