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6.3 ProSe Relays   


6.3   ProSe Relays
6.3.1   Solution R1: Relay enabling and configuration for Public Safety
6.3.2   Solution R2: UE-UE Relay using IP Routing and Forwarding   Word-p. 172
6.3.3   Solution R3: UE-Network Relay using Layer 3 Routing based on EPS Bearer (lend me a EPS bearer)   Word-p. 174
6.3.4   Solution R4: UE-to-UE Relay operating at the application layer   Word-p. 176
6.3.5   Solution R5: Solution for Public Safety UE-to-UE Relays   Word-p. 180
6.3.6   Solution R6: ProSe Relay as v4/v6 IP router with application level gateway functions      Up
6.3.7   Solution R7: GCSE architecture with UE-to-Network Relay
6.3.8   Solution R8: Application layer based ProSe Relay   Word-p. 191
6.3.9   Solution R9: Reuse of Architecture A1 from TR 36.806
6.3.10   Solution R10: L2 ProSe UE-to-Network Relay with Bearer sharing
6.3.11   Solution R11: ProSe UE-to-Network Relay as IP router
6.3.12   Solution R12: UE-to-Network relay with network authorization
6.3.13   Solution R13: ProSe Relay selection   Word-p. 212

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