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6.2   ProSe Communication
6.2.1   Solution C1: ProSe communications in Group Owner mode
6.2.2   Solution C2: Direct communications point to point with authorization based on application-defined Group ID and system provided ProSe ID
6.2.3   Solution C3: Network independent LTE direct communication (one-to-one)      Up
6.2.4   Solution C4: Network-authorized LTE direct communication (one-to-one)
6.2.5   Solution C5: ProSe communications in Ad-Hoc mode
6.2.6   Solution C6: LTE direct communication (one-to-many)   Word-p. 154
6.2.7   Solution C7: A hybrid mode for one-to-many communication
6.2.8   Solution C8: One to many communication
6.2.9   Solution C9: Authorization of direct communications One-to-Many based on application-defined ProSe application ID and system provided ProSe UE ID   Word-p. 168

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