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6   Solutions   Word-p. 30
6.1   ProSe discovery
6.1.1   Solution D1: LTE based solution for direct discovery
6.1.2   Solution D2: Solution for direct discovery
6.1.3   Solution D3: Targeted ProSe discovery   Word-p. 40
6.1.4   Solution D4: EPC-level ProSe discovery
6.1.5   Solution D5: IMS based ProSe architecture   Word-p. 50
6.1.6   Solution D6: Targeted Discovery based on application-defined ProSe Application ID and system provided ProSe UE ID
6.1.7   Solution D7: Non targeted Discovery based on application-defined ProSe Application Identity and system provided ProSe UE ID
6.1.8   Solution D8: Network based solution for ProSe discovery
6.1.9   Solution D9: Proximity service Architecture using PDCF
6.1.10   Solution D10: ProSe System Architecture using ProSe Server      Up
6.1.11   Solution D11: ProSe discovery using the architecture of solution 13
6.1.12   Solution D12: Network assisted ProSe discovery
6.1.13   Solution D13: Network controlled ProSe discovery service
6.1.14   Solution D14: EPC assisted direct discovery   Word-p. 101
6.1.15   Solution D15: EPC-level ProSe discovery   Word-p. 106
6.1.16   Solution D16 (consolidation of D3/D6/D7): ProSe Discovery through Communication (DtC)      Up
6.1.17   Solution D17: Targeted ProSe discovery      Up

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