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A   Policy framework   Word-p. 127
A.1   High level architectural requirements
A.2   Architecture model and reference points   Word-p. 128
A.3   Functional description
A.3.1   Overall description
A.3.1.1   General
A.3.1.2   Distribution of the Enforcement of Policy Decisions   Word-p. 136
A.3.1.3   Policy and Charging Control
A.3.1.4   Policy and Charging Enforcement
A.3.1.5   Access and Mobility Policy Enforcement   Word-p. 140
A.3.1.6   UE Access and Mobility Management Control
A.3.1.7   Roaming impacts to Policy   Word-p. 141
A.3.1.8   UE Policy
A.3.1.9   Policy Control Subscription information management   Word-p. 143
A.3.1.10   Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)   Word-p. 144
A.3.1.11   Traffic steering control information
A.3.1.12   Interworking with AFs supporting Rx interface   Word-p. 145
A.3.1.13   Binding mechanism
A.3.1.14   PCF Discovery and Selection
A.4   Procedures and flows
B   Location Services temporary placeholder   Word-p. 152
C   Multimedia Priority Services temporary placeholder   Word-p. 154
E   Relationship between Service-Based Interfaces and Reference Points   Word-p. 159
F   Mission Critical Services temporary placeholder   Word-p. 161
Z   Change history   Word-p. 164

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