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5   Functional Description and Procedures for 3GPP Accesses with PMIP-based S5/S8 [R8]
5.1   Control and User Plane Protocol Stacks
5.2   Initial E-UTRAN Attach with PMIP-based S5 or S8   PDF-p. 86
5.3   Detach for PMIP-based S5/S8   PDF-p. 89
5.4   Dedicated Bearer Procedures for E-UTRAN Access with PMIP-based S5/S8   PDF-p. 91
5.5   UE-initiated Resource Request and Release   PDF-p. 95
5.6   Multiple PDN Support with PMIP-based S5/S8   PDF-p. 96
5.7   Handover and Tracking area Update Procedures for PMIP-based S5/S8 Interface   PDF-p. 100
5.8   ME Identity Check Procedures for PMIP-based S5/S8   PDF-p. 105
5.9   UE-triggered Service Request for PMIP-based S5/S8
5.10   PMIP-based S5/S8 procedures for GERAN/UTRAN over S4   PDF-p. 106
5.11   PDN GW initiated IPv4 address Delete Procedure
5.12   Location Change Reporting Procedure for PMIP-based S5/S8 [R9]   PDF-p. 112
5.13   Support for Machine Type Communications (MTC) [R10]      Up

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