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5.10   Multiple-PDN support and PDN activation for UEs supporting "Attach without PDN connectivity"   PDF-p. 300
5.11   UE Capability Handling   PDF-p. 312
5.12   Warning message delivery
5.13   Discontinuous Reception and UE Specific DRX Parameter handling   PDF-p. 315
5.13a   Extended Idle mode Discontinuous Reception (DRX) [R13]
5.14   Configuration Transfer procedure   PDF-p. 316
5.15   RAN Information Management (RIM) procedures [R9]      Up
5.16   MME-initiated procedure on UE's CSG membership change [R9]
5.17   Home eNodeB Multicast Packet Forwarding Function [R10]
5.18   HPLMN Notification with specific indication due to MME initiated Bearer removal [R11]
5.19   Procedures to support Dedicated Core Networks [R13]   PDF-p. 320      Up
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