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10.7   Private call   PDF-p. 100
10.7.1   General
10.7.2   Private call in on-network   Information flows for private call in on-network   Private call within one MCPTT system   Private call within several MCPTT systems   PDF-p. 109   MCPTT emergency private call
10.7.3   Private call in off-network   PDF-p. 116
10.7.4   MCPTT private call call-back request
10.8   Simultaneous session for MCPTT calls (on-network)   PDF-p. 124
10.9   Floor control
10.9.1   Floor control for on-network MCPTT service   General   Information flows for floor control for on-network   PDF-p. 125   Floor control within one MCPTT system   Floor control involving groups from multiple MCPTT systems   PDF-p. 135   Floor control for audio cut-in enabled group   PDF-p. 140
10.9.2   Floor control for off-network MCPTT service   PDF-p. 142

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