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8   Handover/Relocation [R10]   PDF-p. 66
8.1   UMTS to UMTS
8.2   UMTS to GSM   PDF-p. 67
8.2.1   General      Up
8.2.2   Intra-MSC UMTS to GSM Handover
8.2.3   Inter-MSC UMTS to GSM Handover
8.3   GSM to UMTS
8.4   GSM to GSM   PDF-p. 93
8.4.1   Intra-MSC Inter-BSS GSM to GSM Handover
8.4.2   Inter-MSC GSM to GSM Handover   PDF-p. 104   Inter-MSC GSM to GSM Handover that breaks Local Switching      Up   Inter-MSC GSM to GSM Handover that establishes Local Switching   PDF-p. 113   Inter-MSC Handover that leaves a not Locally Switched Call unchanged   PDF-p. 120
8.4.3   Subsequent Inter-MSC GSM to GSM Handover back to the Anchor MSC
8.4.4   Subsequent GSM to GSM Handover to a third MSC
8.4.5   BSS Internal Handover
8.5   Handling of GSM Services after UMTS to GSM Handover   PDF-p. 132

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