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7.6   Ambient viewing call   Word-p. 106
7.7   Transmission control   Word-p. 113
7.7.1   Transmission control for on-network MCVideo service   General   Information flows for transmission control for on-network   Transmission control within one MC system for MCVideo service      Up
7.7.2   Off-network transmission control   Word-p. 133
7.8   MCVideo service configuration   Word-p. 145
7.9   Affiliation and de-affiliation to/from MCVideo group(s)
7.10   Use of MBMS transmission (on-network)   Word-p. 146      Up
7.11   Simultaneous session for MCVideo calls (on-network)
7.12   User authentication and authorization for MCVideo service
7.13   Support for multiple devices   Word-p. 151
7.14   Location information (on-network)
7.15   MCVideo resource management (on-network) [R15]
A  (Normative)   MCVideo related configuration data [R14]   Word-p. 152
B   Change history   Word-p. 162

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