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10  Information storage [R4]PDF-p. 158
11  Operational Aspects [R4]
A (Normative)  Privacy Class selection rule in serving node [R4]PDF-p. 170
B (Normative)  Presence of LCS client ID Components in MT-LR [R4]PDF-p. 173
C  Pseudo external ID [R5]PDF-p. 174
D (Normative)  including Requestor identity to LCS client name [R6]PDF-p. 178
E  Handling of pseudonyms in location services [R6]PDF-p. 179
F  Mechanism for performing Change of Area Event Detection [R6]PDF-p. 182
G (Normative)  Defined Service Types and numbering [R10]PDF-p. 184
H  Change historyPDF-p. 185

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