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6a   Procedures and flows for Inter-UE Transfer [R9]
6a.0   Introduction
6a.1   IUT general procedures
6a.2   Information flows for Collaborative Session establishment
6a.3   Media Transfer within Collaborative Session   PDF-p. 110
6a.4   Media adding/deleting/modifying within Collaborative Session   PDF-p. 118
6a.4.1   Controller UE initiated add new media on Controller UE
6a.4.2   Controller UE initiated add new media on Controllee UE
6a.4.3   Controller UE Initiated Release Media (media flow on the Controller UE)   PDF-p. 121
6a.4.4   Controller UE Initiated Release Media (media flow on the Controllee UE)   PDF-p. 122
6a.4.4a   Controller UE initiated modify media (media flow on the Controllee UE) [R10]   PDF-p. 124
6a.4.5   Controllee UE initiated release media on itself   PDF-p. 126
6a.4.6   Controllee UE initiated modify media on itself   PDF-p. 127
6a.4.6a   Controllee UE initiated add new media on another Controllee UE [R10]   PDF-p. 129      Up
6a.4.7   Remote party initiated add new media   PDF-p. 130
6a.4.8   Remote party initiated release media   PDF-p. 132
6a.4.9   Remote party initiated media modification   PDF-p. 133
6a.4a   Transfer of Collaborative Session Control [R10]
6a.5   Collaborative Session release   PDF-p. 140      Up
6a.6   Inter-UE Transfer without establishing a Collaborative Session
6a.7   Execution of supplementary services   PDF-p. 144
6a.8   IUT target discovery      Up
6a.9   Inter-UE Transfer Initiated by Target UE [R10]
6a.10   Media Flow Replication by network [R10]   PDF-p. 157
6a.11   Session Replication by remote party [R10]   PDF-p. 163      Up
6a.12   User authorisation and preferences [R10]   PDF-p. 167
6b   Void

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