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5.6   Origination procedures   PDF-p. 113
5.7   Termination procedures   PDF-p. 125
5.7a   Procedures for the establishment of sessions without preconditions [R6]   PDF-p. 137
5.8   Procedures related to routing information interrogation   PDF-p. 141
5.9   Routing of mid-session signalling
5.10   Session release procedures   PDF-p. 145
5.11   Procedures to enable enhanced multimedia services   PDF-p. 151
5.11.1   Session Hold and Resume Procedures      Up
5.11.2   Procedures for anonymous session establishment   PDF-p. 157
5.11.3   Procedures for codec and media characteristics flow negotiations
5.11.4   Procedures for providing or blocking identity   PDF-p. 168
5.11.5   Session Redirection Procedures
5.11.6   Session Transfer Procedures   PDF-p. 179      Up
5.12   Mobile Terminating call procedures to unregistered Public User Identities   PDF-p. 183

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