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6   Functional requirements of serving CSCF and Transit Function [R5]   PDF-p. 20
6.1   Modes of operation of the S-CSCF and Transit Function
6.2   Interfaces defined for S-CSCF and Transit Function   PDF-p. 22
6.3   S-CSCF handling of SIP registration
6.4   S-CSCF handling of UE-originating requests   PDF-p. 23
6.5   S-CSCF handling of UE-terminating requests   PDF-p. 25
6.5A   Transit Function handling of requests [R11]   PDF-p. 27
6.6   S-CSCF and Transit Function handling of IP multimedia session release requests   PDF-p. 28
6.7   S-CSCF handling of subscription and notification   PDF-p. 29
6.8   S-CSCF handling IMS charging
6.8A   Transit Function handling IMS charging [R11]   PDF-p. 30
6.9   S-CSCF description of subscriber data   PDF-p. 31      Up
7   Functional requirements of HSS [R5]
8   Functional requirements of the MRFC [R5]

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