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A   Examples of MMS architectural implementations [R3]   PDF-p. 161
B   MMS Stage 3 Implementation [R4]   PDF-p. 168
C   Charging Data Records [R4]   PDF-p. 169
D   MM3 principles [R4]   PDF-p. 171
D1   Mapping of IE to MM3 protocols [R6]   PDF-p. 172
E   Use cases for Reply-Charging [R4]   PDF-p. 178
F  (Normative)   Configuration of MMS-capable UEs [R4]   PDF-p. 179      Up
G  (Normative)   DNS-ENUM recipient MSISDN address resolution. [R5]   PDF-p. 181
H  (Normative)   Recipient MSISDN address resolution based on IMSI [R5]   PDF-p. 183
I  (Normative)   MM1 ↔ MM4 header mapping [R5]   PDF-p. 185
J   Support for Streaming in MMS [R5]   PDF-p. 194
K   MM1 ↔ MM7 header mapping [R5]   PDF-p. 196
L  (Normative)   MM7 XML Schema [R5]   PDF-p. 203
L1   Schema Version Handling [R6]   PDF-p. 212
M   Recipient MMS Relay/Server Delivery Report generation and presentation to the originator MMS User Agent. [R6]   PDF-p. 214      Up
N  (Normative)   Information Element mapping for the support of MSCF [R6]   PDF-p. 215
O   Change history   PDF-p. 220

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