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2.13   Data related to PS NAM   PDF-p. 44
2.13.1   PDP Type
2.13.2   PDP Address
2.13.3   NSAPI
2.13.4   Packet Data Protocol (PDP) State
2.13.5   New SGSN Address
2.13.6   Access Point Name (APN)
2.13.7   GGSN Address in Use      Up
2.13.8   VPLMN Address Allowed
2.13.9   Dynamic Address   PDF-p. 45
2.13.10   SGSN Address
2.13.11   GGSN-list
2.13.12   Quality of Service Subscribed
2.13.13   Quality of Service Requested
2.13.14   Quality of Service Negotiated
2.13.15   SND
2.13.16   SNU
2.13.17   DRX Parameters   PDF-p. 46      Up
2.13.18   Compression
2.13.19   Non-GPRS Alert Flag (NGAF)
2.13.20   Classmark
2.13.21   Tunnel Endpoint IDentifier (TEID)
2.13.22   Radio Priority
2.13.23   Radio Priority SMS
2.13.24   PDP Context Identifier
2.13.25   PDP Context Charging Characteristics
2.13.26   MME name [R8]   PDF-p. 47
2.13.27   VLR name [R8]      Up
2.13.28   Non-EPS Alert Flag (NEAF) [R8]
2.13.29   UE level APN-OI-Replacement [R8]
2.13.30   Subscribed UE-AMBR [R8]
2.13.30A   Used UE-AMBR [R8]
2.13.31   APN-Configuration-Profile [R8]
2.13.32   Subscribed APN-AMBR [R8]   PDF-p. 48
2.13.32A   Used APN-AMBR [R8]
2.13.33   Subscribed-RAT-Frequency-Selection-Priority-ID [R8]
2.13.34   GUTI [R8]
2.13.35   ME Identity [R8]      Up
2.13.36   Selected NAS Algorithm [R8]
2.13.37   Selected AS Algorithm [R8]
2.13.38   Context Identifier [R8]
2.13.39   PDN Address [R8]
2.13.40   VPLMN Address Allowed [R8]
2.13.41   PDN GW identity [R8]   PDF-p. 49
2.13.42   Tracking Area List [R8]
2.13.43   APN Restriction [R8]
2.13.44   APN in use [R8]
2.13.45   TAI [R8]      Up
2.13.46   E-UTRAN Cell Identity Age [R8]
2.13.47   MME F-TEID for S11 (Control Plane) [R8]
2.13.48   MME UE S1AP ID [R8]
2.13.49   S-GW F-TEID for S11 (Control Plane) [R8]
2.13.50   S4-SGSN F-TEID for S4 (Control plane) [R8]
2.13.51   S4-SGSN F-TEID for S4 (User plane) [R8]
2.13.52   S-GW F-TEID for S5/S8 (control plane) [R8]   PDF-p. 50
2.13.53   S-GW F-TEID for S1-U [R8]
2.13.54   S-GW F-TEID for S5/S8 (user plane) [R8]
2.13.55   eNodeB Address [R8]      Up
2.13.56   eNodeB UE S1AP ID [R8]
2.13.57   eNodeB F-TEID for S1-U [R8]
2.13.58   E-UTRAN/UTRAN Key Set flag [R8]
2.13.59   Selected CN operator id [R8]
2.13.60   UE Radio Access Capability [R8]
2.13.61   UE Network Capability [R8]
2.13.62   Location Change Report [R8]   PDF-p. 51
2.13.63   UE Specific DRX Parameters [R8]
2.13.64   PDN-GW F-TEID for S5/S8 (user plane) [R8]
2.13.65   PDN GW F-TEID for S5/S8 (control plane) [R8]      Up
2.13.66   EPS Bearer ID [R8]
2.13.67   EPS Bearer QoS [R8]
2.13.67A   EPS Subscribed QoS Profile [R11]
2.13.68   UL TFT [R8]
2.13.69   DL TFT [R8]   PDF-p. 52
2.13.70   Charging Id [R8]
2.13.71   EPS PDN Connection Charging Characteristics [R8]
2.13.72   Default bearer [R8]
2.13.73   Void
2.13.74   Void
2.13.75   RAT Type (Access Type) [R8]
2.13.76   S101 HRPD access node IP address [R8]      Up
2.13.77   S103 Forwarding Address [R8]
2.13.78   S103 GRE key(s) [R8]
2.13.79   Permanent User Identity [R8]
2.13.80   Mobility Capabilities [R8]   PDF-p. 53
2.13.81   MAG IP address [R8]
2.13.82   Visited Network Identifier [R8]
2.13.83   EAP payload [R8]
2.13.84   Void
2.13.85   Void
2.13.86   MIP Subscriber profile [R8]
2.13.87   Uplink S5 GRE Key [R8]
2.13.88   Downlink S5 GRE Key [R8]      Up
2.13.89   Uplink S8 GRE Key [R8]
2.13.90   Downlink S8 GRE Key [R8]
2.13.91   S2a GRE Keys [R8]
2.13.92   S2b GRE Keys [R8]   PDF-p. 54
2.13.93   Mobile Node Identifier [R8]
2.13.94   IPv4 Default Router Address [R8]
2.13.95   Link-local address [R8]
2.13.96   Non 3GPP User Data [R8]
2.13.97   3GPP AAA Server Identity [R8]
2.13.98   Selected IP mobility mode [R8]      Up
2.13.99   Diameter Server Identity of HSS [R8]
2.13.100   SGSN name [R8]
2.13.101   S-GW F-TEID for S12 [R8]   PDF-p. 55
2.13.102   RNC F-TEID for S12 [R8]
2.13.103   MME F-TEID for S3 [R8]
2.13.104   S4-SGSN F-TEID for S3 [R8]
2.13.105   PDN GW Allocation Type [R8]
2.13.106   S-GW F-TEID for S4 (control plane) [R8]
2.13.107   S-GW F-TEID for S4 (user plane) [R8]
2.13.108   RAT-Frequency-Selection-Priority-ID in Use [R8]      Up
2.13.109   APN level APN-OI-Replacement [R9]
2.13.110   Unauthenticated IMSI [R9]
2.13.111   PDN Connection ID [R9]   PDF-p. 56
2.13.114   SIPTO Permission [R10]
2.13.114A   SIPTO Local Network Permission [R12]
2.13.115   Subscribed Periodic RAU/TAU Timer [R10]
2.13.116   ePDG F-TEID for S2b (control plane) [R10]
2.13.117   ePDG F-TEID for S2b (user plane) [R10]
2.13.118   PGW F-TEID for S2b (control plane) [R10]   PDF-p. 57
2.13.119   PGW F-TEID for S2b (user plane) [R10]      Up
2.13.120   MPS CS Priority [R10]
2.13.121   MPS EPS Priority [R10]
2.13.122   LIPA Permission [R10]
2.13.123   LIPA Allowed VPLMN List [R10]
2.13.124   VPLMN LIPA Allowed [R10]
2.13.125   Relay Node Indicator [R10]
2.13.126   Restricted RAT Types [R11]
2.13.127   Higher bitrates than 16Mbps flag [R11]   PDF-p. 58
2.13.128   Void
2.13.129   UE Local IP Address [R11]
2.13.130   UE UDP Port Number [R11]      Up
2.13.131   H(e)NB Local IP Address [R11]
2.13.132   H(e)NB UDP Port Number [R11]
2.13.133   Diameter Server Identity of CSS [R11]
2.13.134   MME/S4 SGSN Identifier [R11]
2.13.135   SGW node name [R11]   PDF-p. 59
2.13.136   Co-located GGSN-PGW FQDN [R11]
2.13.137   GERAN Cell Identity Age [R11]
2.13.138   UTRAN Service Area Identity Age [R11]
2.13.139   Default APN for Trusted WLAN [R11]
2.13.140   Access Information for Trusted WLAN [R11]      Up
2.13.141   Homogeneous Support of IMS Voice over PS Sessions [R11]
2.13.142   Signalling Priority Indication [R11]
2.13.143   Restoration Priority [R11]
2.13.144   Void
2.13.145   Presence Reporting Area Action [R12]   PDF-p. 60
2.13.146   WLAN offloadability [R12]
2.13.147   CN Assistance Information [R12]
2.13.148   Active Time Value for PSM [R12]      Up
2.13.149   Origination Time Stamp [R13]
2.13.150   DL Data Buffer Expiration Time [R13]
2.13.151   DL Buffering Suggested Packet Count [R13]   PDF-p. 61
2.13.152   Notify-on-available-after-DDN-failure flag [R13]
2.13.153   IMSI Group Identifier List [R13]
2.13.154   UE Usage Type [R13]
2.13.155   Emergency Indication [R13]
2.13.156   Remote UE Contexts [R13]
2.13.157   Extended Idle Mode DRX parameters [R13]
2.13.158   Delay Tolerant Connection Indication [R13]      Up
2.13.159   Pending Network Initiated PDN Connection Signalling Indication [R13]   PDF-p. 62
2.13.160   UE Radio Capability for Paging information [R12]
2.13.161   Information on Recommended Cells and ENBs for Paging [R13]
2.13.162   Paging Attempt Count [R13]
2.13.163   User Plane Integrity Protection Indicator [R13]
2.13.164   Non-IP-PDN-Type-Indicator [R13]
2.13.165   Non-IP-Data-Delivery-Mechanism [R13]
2.13.166   SCEF-ID [R13]
2.13.167   PDN Type [R13]
2.13.168   PDN-Connection-Restricted flag [R13]   PDF-p. 63      Up
2.13.169   Preferred-Data-Mode [R13]
2.13.170   IOV_updates counter [R13]
2.13.171   Emergency Info [R14]
2.13.172   Dedicated Core Network Identifier [R14]
2.13.173   Acknowledgement Of Downlink NAS Data PDUs flag [R14]

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