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2.4   Data related to roaming
2.4.1   Mobile Station Roaming Number (MSRN)      Up
2.4.2   Location Area Identification (LAI)
2.4.3   Routing Area Identification (RAI)
2.4.4   Void
2.4.5   VLR number
2.4.6   MSC number   PDF-p. 26
2.4.7   HLR number
2.4.8   GSN number
2.4.9   MLC number
2.4.10   Subscription restriction
2.4.11   Regional Subscription Information
2.4.12   MSC area restricted flag
2.4.13   LA not allowed flag   PDF-p. 28
2.4.14   SGSN area restricted flag      Up
2.4.14a   RA not allowed flag
2.4.14b   TA not allowed flag [R8]
2.4.15   Service restriction data induced by roaming
2.4.16   Cell Global ID or Service Area ID
2.4.16A   E-UTRAN Cell Global ID [R11]
2.4.17   Localised Service Area Information      Up
2.4.18   Access Restriction Data [R6]
2.4.19   Selected CN operator ID [R6]   PDF-p. 32
2.4.20   IP-SM-GW number [R7]      Up
2.4.20A   IP-SM-GW Diameter Identity [R13]
2.4.21   Paging Area [R8]
2.4.22   Closed Subscriber Group Information [R8]
2.4.23   Service Centre Address [R10]   PDF-p. 33
2.4.24   Subscribed Periodic LAU Timer [R10]
2.4.25   CSS number [R11]
2.4.26   VPLMN Closed Subscriber Group Information [R11]
2.5   Data related to basic services   PDF-p. 34
2.6   Data related to supplementary services
2.7   Mobile station status data   PDF-p. 35
2.8   Data related to Operator Determined Barring
2.9   Data related to handover

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