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18   Addressing and Identification for IMS Service Continuity and Single-Radio Voice Call Continuity [R7]   Word-p. 63
19   Numbering, addressing and identification for the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) [R8]
19.1   Introduction
19.2   Home Network Realm/Domain
19.3   3GPP access to non-3GPP access interworking   Word-p. 65
19.4   Identifiers for Domain Name System procedures   Word-p. 70
19.4.1   Introduction
19.4.2   Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs)   General   Access Point Name FQDN (APN-FQDN)   Tracking Area Identity (TAI)   Word-p. 71   Mobility Management Entity (MME)   Word-p. 72   Routing Area Identity (RAI) - EPC   Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) within SGSN pool   Target RNC-ID for U-TRAN   Word-p. 73   DNS subdomain for operator usage in EPC   ePDG FQDN and Visited Country FQDN for non-emergency bearer services   ePDG FQDN for emergency bearer services [R13]   Global eNodeB-ID for eNodeB [R10]   Word-p. 78   Local Home Network identifier [R12]
19.4.3   Service and Protocol service names for 3GPP
19.5   Access Network Identity   Word-p. 79
19.6   E-UTRAN Cell Identity (ECI) and E-UTRAN Cell Global Identification (ECGI)   Word-p. 80
19.7   Identifiers for communications with packet data networks and applications [R11]
19.8   TWAN Operator Name [R12]      Up
19.9   IMSI-Group Identifier [R13]   Word-p. 82
19.10   Presence Reporting Area Identifier (PRA ID) [R12]
19.11   Dedicated Core Networks Identifier [R14]

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