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draft-TR 22.969 (SA1)
Feasibility Study on Enhancements of Public Warning System

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Rapporteur:  Ms. Koo, Hyounhee
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The present document describes new use cases and potential requirements applicable to Public Warning Services for
  • UEs with diverse form-factors whose user interface is different from the conventional mobile phones; and
  • UEs that are defined by applying 3GPP system to non-ICT industry businesses (e.g. vehicles or machines such as IoT devices or robots) and have the different UE role from what 3GPP has traditionally assumed.
In addition, it considers the improvement of the understandability of the PWS message e.g. displaying language independent or graphical content to users, especially foreigners who might not understand the language used in the text or people with physical disability who may be sight impaired and unable to read the text. So it deals with user interface related potential requirements to address the presentation of the warning message considering circumstances such as language being used (e.g. international roaming scenario where the user does not understand the local language) or users with disability (e.g. people with vision impairment).

The present document does not cover use cases or potential requirements for US WEA and Japan ETWS so the results of this document are not applicable for US and Japan. This document considers national variants of EU-Alert and KPAS related service scenarios and potential requirements.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4   Overview
5   Use cases for UEs with different or no user interface or with different UE roles
6   Considerations
7   Potential Requirements   Word-p. 18
8   Conclusion and Recommendations
A   <Annex title>   Word-p. 19
X   Change history   Word-p. 20

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