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7   Performance communication applications related use cases
7.1   Use cases related to transmission of real time video
7.2   Transfer of CCTV archives related use cases
7.3   Use Case: Massive Inter-carriage data transfer
7.4   Use case: Data transmission in real time
8   Business communication applications related use cases
9   Critical support applications related use cases   Word-p. 76
9.1   Overview
9.2   Assured voice communication (AVC)
9.3   Role management and presence
9.3.1   Introduction
9.3.2   General pre-conditions
9.3.3   Use case: Registration to a functional identity
9.3.4   Use case: Deregistration of a functional identity
9.3.5   Use case: User log-in to the FRMCS System
9.3.6   Use case: User log-out from FRMCS System
9.3.7   Use case: Presentation of identities
9.3.8   Use case: Interrogation of identities within a certain context
9.4   Location services related use cases
9.5   FRMCS-user communication handling related use cases
9.6   End to End Prioritisation related use cases
9.7   Multi user talker control related use cases
9.7.1   General Description and potential requirements
9.7.2   Use case: Set the number of simultaneous talkers
9.7.3   Use case: Set initial talker permissions and priorities
9.7.4   Use case: Request permission to talk
9.7.5   Use case: Grant permission to talk
9.7.6   Use case: Revoke permission to talk
9.7.7   Use case: Robust mission critical group communications
9.8   Authorisation of communication
9.9   Authorisation of application
9.10   Sharing FRMCS Equipment by FRMCS Users
9.11   FRMCS naming authority
9.12   Wayside-Centric Automatic Train Control
9.13   Autonomous Train Control and Operation
9.14   Virtual Coupling
9.15   Composite-based train operation

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