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5.11   Information sharing for high/full automated driving   Word-p. 27
5.12   Information sharing for partial/ conditional automated platooning
5.13   Information sharing for high/full automated platooning
5.14   Dynamic ride sharing   Word-p. 32
5.15   Use case on multi-RAT
5.16   Video data sharing for assisted and improved automated driving (VaD)
5.17   Changing driving-mode   Word-p. 35
5.18   Tethering via Vehicle   Word-p. 37      Up
5.19   Use case out of 5G coverage
5.20   Emergency trajectory alignment      Up
5.21   Teleoperated support (TeSo)
5.22   Intersection safety information provisioning for urban driving
5.23   Cooperative lane change (CLC) of automated vehicles
5.24   Proposal for secure software update for electronic control unit
5.25   3D video composition for V2X scenario
6   Considerations   Word-p. 47
7   Potential requirements   Word-p. 48
8   Conclusion and recommendations   Word-p. 53
A   Mapping of use cases to use case group   Word-p. 54
B   Mapping table between PRs and CPRs   Word-p. 55
C   Other considered use cases   Word-p. 57
D   Change history   Word-p. 58

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