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5.12   Pre-crash Sensing Warning   Word-p. 22
5.13   V2X in areas outside network coverage   Word-p. 23
5.14   V2X Road safety service via infrastructure   Word-p. 24
5.15   V2N Traffic Flow Optimisation
5.16   Curve Speed Warning   Word-p. 27
5.17   Warning to Pedestrian against Pedestrian Collision   Word-p. 28
5.18   Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Safety
5.19   V2X by UE-type RSU   Word-p. 31
5.20   V2X Minimum QoS
5.21   Use case for V2X access when roaming
5.22   Pedestrian Road Safety via V2P awareness messages
5.23   Mixed Use Traffic Management
5.24   Enhancing Positional Precision for traffic participants
5.25   Privacy in the V2V communication environment
5.26   V2N Use Case to provide overview to road traffic participants and interested parties
5.27   Remote diagnosis and just in time repair notification   Word-p. 39

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