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5.12   Multimedia message acknowledgement for group communications (on network, off network, IOPS)   Word-p. 20
5.13   Multimedia message acknowledgement one to one (on network, off network, IOPS)
5.14   Remote control
5.15   Command/control centre   Word-p. 22
5.16   Robots remote control (On network, off network, IOPS)
5.17   Robots identification (On network)
5.18   Database enquiry (On network)   Word-p. 24
5.19   Operational data synchronization
5.20   Call rejection and queuing (On network)   Word-p. 27      Up
5.21   First aid use case
5.22   Location Sharing Use Case
5.23   Multiple events and priority management (On network)
5.24   Mobility use cases
5.25   MCData Emergency Alert Triggered by Location
5.26   MCData Emergency Group Transmission

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