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1   Scope [R14]   Word-p. 7
2   References [R14]
3   Definitions and abbreviations [R14]
4   Overview [R14]
5   MCVideo specific requirements [R14]
5.1   MCVideo services common for on network and off network      Up
5.1.1   Video characteristics
5.1.2   Video parameters remote control
5.1.3   Video remote control including camera discovery   Word-p. 15
5.1.4   Video processing capabilities
5.1.5   Robots video remote control
5.1.6   MCVideo Profile management and administration      Up
5.1.7   Capabilities additional to MCCoRe   Word-p. 18
5.1.8   MCVideo capability information sharing
5.1.9   Video push and pull services      Up
5.1.10   Video streams availability and characteristics
5.1.11   Video conferencing      Up
5.1.12   Additional security requirements for MCVideo   Word-p. 21

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