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6   MCX Service requirements specific to on-network use
6.1   General administrative - groups and users
6.2   MCX Service communications
6.3   General requirements
6.4   General MCX Service Group Communications      Up
6.5   Broadcast Group
6.6   Dynamic group management (i.e., dynamic regrouping)
6.7   Private Communication   PDF-p. 33
6.8   MCX Service priority requirements
6.9   IDs and aliases
6.10   MCX Service User Profile management
6.11   Support for multiple devices
6.12   Location   PDF-p. 39
6.13   Security
6.14   Interactions for MCX Service Group Communications and MCX Service Private Communications
6.15   Additional services for MCX Service communications
6.16   Interaction with telephony services   PDF-p. 43
6.17   Interworking
6.18   MCX Service coverage extension using ProSe UE-to-Network Relays   PDF-p. 44
6.19   Additional MCX Service requirements      Up

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