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C  (Normative)   Drafting and presentation of terms and definitions   Word-p. 34
D  (Normative)   Drafting of the title of a 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR   Word-p. 37
E  (Normative)   Verbal forms for the expression of provisions   Word-p. 39
F   Checklist concerning quantities and units to be used in 3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs   Word-p. 42
G   Example layout of a typescript
H   3GPP styles and various information   Word-p. 43      Up
I  (Normative)   Text containing SDL, program code, ICS and TTCN   Word-p. 48      Up
J  (Normative)   Endorsement of documents from other standards organizations   Word-p. 49
K   Change history   Word-p. 51

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