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TS 12.22 (RAN6)
Interworking of GSM Network Management (NM) Procedures and Messages at the Base Station Controller (BSC)

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(P) GSM Phase-2 v4.1.4  1996/09  65 p.

Rapporteur:  YUHAN, Albert
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To ensure management of different manufacturers' BTSs from the OMC through the BSC in a standardized way, this BSC interworking ETS relates the OMC BSC interface (Q3) as specified in TS 12.20 and the BSC BTS interface (A bis Qx) as specified in TS 12.21.

In TS 12.01 it is required that the BSC performs the Mediation Function between the OMC and the BTS. This ETS defines the requirements for this Mediation Function.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 9
2  Normative references
3  AbbreviationsPDF-p. 10
4  Common Interworking aspects
5  Specific interworking aspectsPDF-p. 21
5.1  BasebandTransceiver Object Class
5.2  BTS Object Class
5.3  BTS SiteManager Object ClassPDF-p. 34Up
5.4  Channel Object Class
5.5  FrequencyHoppingSystem Object Class
5.6  LapdLink Object Class
5.7  radioCarrier Object ClassPDF-p. 45
5.8  Software Objects
6  Related A-Bis Structured Procedures
A  Some interworking issuesPDF-p. 57
B  Reconfiguration proceduresPDF-p. 58
C  List of attributesPDF-p. 63Up
Z  HistoryPDF-p. 65

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