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TS 12.20 (SA5)
Base Station System (BSS) Management Information

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(P) GSM Phase-2 v4.2.1  1996/02  225 p.

Rapporteur:  TOCHE, Christian
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This TS provides the management information model for the Configuration and Fault Management aspects of the GSM Base Station System (BSS) Network Element as seen on the Q3 interface between the OS (e.g. OMC) and the BSS.

The information defined in this model is that which is required to manage the BSS Network Element as set forth in the GSM core specifications for telecommunications operation, and as specified in the GSM 12-series Specifications for management requirements. The management information defined in this ETS is primarily related to what is termed configuration and fault management within the CCITT X.701 definition of Management Functional Areas. Additional management information elements of the BSS model for other management areas are defined in other GSM 12-series Specifications. For example, the management information related to the performance Management Functional Area is to be found in TS 12.04. See TS 12.00 for a complete overview of the GSM 12-series specifications.

In addition to the formal GDMO definitions, additional information is included to aid in understanding the model and its elements. Summary descriptions, containment and inheritance diagrams, and entity relationship diagrams are provided for this purpose.

The general management information contained in the models specified in CCITT M.3100 and CCITT X.7xx Recommendations is referenced in this ETS but the formal definitions are contained in the referenced documents.


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