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B  (Normative)   Call and event records   PDF-p. 84
B.1   General
B.2   Record contents
B.3   Description of record fields
B.3.1   Additional Charging Information
B.3.2   AoC parameters / change of AoC parameters   PDF-p. 101
B.3.3   Basic Service / change of service / ISDN Basic Service
B.3.4   Call duration
B.3.5   Call reference   PDF-p. 102
B.3.6   Calling / called / connected / translated number
B.3.7   CAMEL call leg information   PDF-p. 103
B.3.8   CAMEL information
B.3.9   CAMEL initiated CF indicator
B.3.10   Cause for termination
B.3.11   Data volume   PDF-p. 104
B.3.12   Diagnostics
B.3.13   Free format data
B.3.14   Equipment id
B.3.15   Equipment type      Up
B.3.16   Event time stamps
B.3.17   HSCSD parameters / Change of HSCSD parameters   PDF-p. 105
B.3.18   Incoming/ outgoing trunk group
B.3.19   Interrogation result   PDF-p. 106
B.3.20   Level of CAMEL service
B.3.21   Location / change of location
B.3.22   Message reference
B.3.23   Mobile station classmark / change of classmark
B.3.24   Entity number
B.3.25   Number of forwarding      Up
B.3.26   Old /new location   PDF-p. 107
B.3.27   Radio channel requested / rad. channel used / change of rad. channel / speech version supported / speech version used
B.3.28   Record extensions
B.3.29   Record type
B.3.30   Routing number / roaming number
B.3.31   Sequence number
B.3.32   Served IMEI
B.3.33   Served IMSI   PDF-p. 108
B.3.34   Served MSISDN
B.3.35   Service centre address      Up
B.3.36   Short message service result
B.3.37   Supplementary service(s)
B.3.38   Supplementary service action
B.3.39   Supplementary service action result   PDF-p. 109
B.3.40   Supplementary service parameters
B.3.41   Transparency indicator
B.3.42   Update result
B.4   Example scenarios
C  (Normative)   Observed IMEI tickets   PDF-p. 134
D   Change History   PDF-p. 136

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