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B (Normative)  Performance Measurement Requirements SummaryPDF-p. 42
B.1  Measurements Related To The BSCUp
B.2  Measurements related to the BTS
B.2.1  CELL Measurement Function
B.2.1.1  Mean PCH-AGCH queue lengthUp
B.2.1.2  Attempted Transmission of Paging Messages (the PCH)
B.2.1.3  Unsuccessful Transmission of Paging Messages (the PCH)PDF-p. 48
B.2.1.4  Attempted IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT Procedures
B.2.1.5  Successful IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT Procedures
B.2.1.6  Attempted IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT Procedures, per causePDF-p. 49
B.2.1.7  Successful IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT Procedures, per cause
B.2.1.8  Number of Pages Discarded from the PCH Queue
B.2.1.9  Mean duration of a successful Paging ProcedurePDF-p. 50
B.2.1.10  Number of Time Slots Available for Traffic ( Previously TCHs)
B.2.1.11  Mean number of busy Time Slots Occupied by Circuit TrafficUp
B.2.1.12  Maximum number of busy Time Slots Occupied by Circuit Traffic
B.2.1.13  Mean number of idle Time Slots per interference band (Previously TCHs)PDF-p. 51
B.2.1.14  Attempted Time Slots seizures (Previously TCHs)
B.2.1.15  Successful TCH/PDTCH seizures ( Previously TCHs)
B.2.1.16  Attempted TCH Seizures meeting an TCH blocked statePDF-p. 52
B.2.1.17  All Available TCH Allocated Time
B.2.1.18  Mean busy time of allocated CS Time Slots
B.2.1.19  Mean TCH queue length
B.2.1.20  Number of lost Radio links while using a TCHPDF-p. 53
B.2.1.21  Number of Available SDCCHsUp
B.2.1.22  Mean number of busy SDCCHs
B.2.1.23  Maximum number of busy SDCCHsPDF-p. 54
B.2.1.24  Attempted SDCCH Seizures meeting an SDCCH blocked state
B.2.1.25  All Available SDCCH Allocated Time
B.2.1.26  Mean SDCCH queue length
B.2.1.27  Number of lost Radio links while using an SDCCHPDF-p. 55
B.2.1.28  Relative time downlink power control at maximum
B.2.1.29  Relative time uplink power control at maximum
B.2.1.30  Successful Internal Handovers, intra-CELLPDF-p. 56
B.2.1.31  Unsuccessful Internal Handovers, intra-CELLUp
B.2.1.32  Attempted incoming Internal inter CELL Handovers
B.2.1.33  Successful incoming Internal inter CELL Handovers
B.2.1.34  Attempted outgoing Internal inter CELL HandoversPDF-p. 57
B.2.1.35  Successful outgoing Internal inter CELL Handovers
B.2.1.36  Unsuccessful Internal Handovers with reconnection to old channels
B.2.1.37  Unsuccessful Internal Handovers with loss of connection
B.2.1.38  Number of Available PDCHPDF-p. 58
B.2.1.39  Mean Number of Available PDCH
B.2.1.40  Maximum Number of Available PDCH
B.2.1.41  Minimum Number of Available PDCHPDF-p. 59Up
B.2.1.42  Mean number of occupied PDCHs
B.2.1.43  Maximum number of occupied PDCHs
B.2.1.44  Minimum number of occupied PDCHs
B.2.1.45  All available PDCH allocated timePDF-p. 60
B.2.1.46  Transmission of Packet Paging Messages on the PCCCH
B.2.1.47  Mean PPCH-PAGCH queue length on PCCCH
B.2.1.48  Number of Packet Pages Discarded from the PPCH Queue on PCCCHPDF-p. 61
B.2.1.49  Number of Packet Channel Assignment Requests, per cause
B.2.1.50  Successful Packet Channel Assignment Procedures, per cause
B.2.1.51  Successful PDTCH seizuresUp
B.2.1.52  Mean PDTCH queue lengthPDF-p. 62
B.2.1.53  Number of service upgrades/downgrades
B.2.2  Internal HDO Measurement Function
B.3  Measurements Related to the MSCPDF-p. 64
B.3.1  MSC Measurement Function
B.3.1.1  Number of class mark updatesUp
B.3.1.2  Attempted mobile originating calls
B.3.1.3  Successful mobile originating calls
B.3.1.4  Answered mobile originating calls
B.3.1.5  Attempted mobile terminating callsPDF-p. 65
B.3.1.6  Successful mobile terminating calls
B.3.1.7  Answered mobile terminating calls
B.3.1.8  Attempted Mobile Emergency callsPDF-p. 66
B.3.1.9  Successful Mobile Emergency calls
B.3.1.10  Answered Mobile Emergency calls
B.3.1.11  Attempted ciphering mode control proceduresUp
B.3.1.12  Successful ciphering mode control proceduresPDF-p. 67
B.3.1.13  Attempted interrogations of HLRs for routing
B.3.1.14  Successful interrogations of HLR (MSRN obtained)
B.3.1.15  Successful interrogations of HLR (call Forwarding)
B.3.1.16  Attempted operations for mobile originating point to point SMsPDF-p. 68
B.3.1.17  Successful operations for mobile originating point to point SMs
B.3.1.18  Attempted operations for mobile terminating point to point SMs
B.3.1.19  Successful operations for mobile terminating point to point SMs
B.3.1.20  Number of transmitted check IMEI requestPDF-p. 69
B.3.1.21  Number of white answers in MSCUp
B.3.1.22  Number of grey answers in MSC
B.3.1.23  Number of black answers in MSC
B.3.1.24  Number of unknown IMEI answersPDF-p. 70
B.3.1.25  Mean time to provide the CALL SETUP service
B.3.1.26  Mean time to provide the LOCATION UPDATING service
B.3.1.27  Transactions on the MM-layer where subscriber was identified with TMSIPDF-p. 71
B.3.1.28  Transactions on the MM-layer where subscriber was identified with IMSI
B.3.1.29  Attempted TMSI re-allocations
B.3.1.30  Successful TMSI re-allocations
B.3.1.31  IMSI detach proceduresPDF-p. 72Up
B.3.1.32  IMSI attach procedures
B.3.1.33  Attempted incoming External intra-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.34  Successful incoming External intra-MSC HandoversPDF-p. 73
B.3.1.35  Attempted outgoing External intra-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.36  Successful outgoing External intra-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.37  Attempted incoming inter-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.38  Successful incoming inter-MSC HandoversPDF-p. 74
B.3.1.39  Attempted outgoing inter-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.40  Successful outgoing inter-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.41  Attempted subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (back to MSCa)Up
B.3.1.42  Successful subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (back to MSCa)PDF-p. 75
B.3.1.43  Attempted subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (to MSCc)
B.3.1.44  Successful subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (to MSCc)
B.3.1.45  External HandoversPDF-p. 76
B.3.1.46  External Handovers per cause
B.3.1.47  Unsuccessful External Handovers with reconnection to old channels, per MSC
B.3.1.48  Unsuccessful External Handovers with loss of connection, per MSC
B.3.2  External HDO Measurement FunctionPDF-p. 77

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