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TS 12.02 (SA5)
Subscriber, Mobile Equipment (ME) and Services Data Administration

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(P) GSM Rel-96 v5.0.1    1997/07    156 p.
(P) GSM Phase-2 v4.6    1996/02    168 p.

Rapporteur:  TOCHE, Christian
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This TS gives a description of the function associated with the administration of data related to subscribers, mobile equipment and services, specifically from the network management point of view.

This data, known as the Subscriber Profile, is used for the provision of services for a particular user of a PLMN, or for the user's equipment represented by the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) respectively. The functions include the administrative procedures for both the subscriber (for example 'provision of service'), and the equipment identified by the IMEI. Also included is the management of subscriber data necessary for network management.

The managed functional entities involved are the Home Location Register (HLR), Visitor Location Register (VLR), Mobile Switching service Centre (MSC), Equipment Identity Register (EIR), Authentication Centre (AUC). The administration of subscriber data in all these entities is part of this TS; which includes the means for a PLMN Operator to create, update, and delete information concerning a particular subscriber in order to allow (or bar) the use of the network.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 12
2   Normative references
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   TMN Management Services   PDF-p. 16
5   TMN Management Service Components   PDF-p. 17
6   TMN Management Functions
6.1   General
6.2   Functions Required in the AUC   PDF-p. 23
6.3   Manage Directory Number in HLR
6.4   Manage Subscriber in HLR   PDF-p. 25
6.5   Manage Subscriber in VLR   PDF-p. 32
6.6   Functions Required in the EIR   PDF-p. 33
A  (Normative)   Common requirements   PDF-p. 36
B  (Normative)   Functional Entity requirements   PDF-p. 40
B.1   HLR Functional Entities
B.1.1   General
B.1.2   Managed Object Classes   PDF-p. 45
B.1.3   Name Bindings      Up
B.1.4   Relationships
B.1.5   Attributes   PDF-p. 54
B.1.6   Actions   PDF-p. 70
B.1.7   Notifications
B.2   AUC Functional Entities
B.3   VLR Functional Entities
B.4   EIR Functional Entities
C  (Normative)   Data definitions   PDF-p. 92
C.1   Managed Objects
C.1.1   HLR Objects
C.1.2   AUC Objects   PDF-p. 105
C.1.3   VLR Objects
C.1.4   EIR Objects
C.3.1   hlrMsisdn
C.3.2   allocationState   PDF-p. 116
C.3.3   assocOwnerImsi
C.3.4   assocOwnerBasicService
C.3.5   bcaSet
C.3.6   announcement   PDF-p. 117
C.3.7   hlrImsi
C.3.8   mainMsisdn      Up
C.3.9   assocMemberMsisdn
C.3.10   assocMemberPrevMsisdn
C.3.11   category   PDF-p. 118
C.3.12   subscriptionRestriction
C.3.13   subscriberStatus
C.3.14   operatorDeterminedBarring
C.3.15   overrideCategory   PDF-p. 119
C.3.16   barringSubscriptionOption
C.3.17   barringPassword
C.3.18   wrongPasswordAttemptsCounter      Up
C.3.19   lmsi
C.3.20   authenthicationSetFlag   PDF-p. 120
C.3.21   mscAreaRestrictedFlag
C.3.22   checkSupplServIndicator
C.3.23   msPurgedFlag
C.3.24   msisdnAlert
C.3.25   mnrf   PDF-p. 121
C.3.26   mcef
C.3.27   mwdAddressList
C.3.28   basicServiceGroupId      Up
C.3.29   assocMemberSSParameter
C.3.30   assocMemberCUGSubscription   PDF-p. 122
C.3.31   basicServiceId
C.3.32   ssId
C.3.33   presentationMode   PDF-p. 123
C.3.34   notificationToCallingPty
C.3.35   notificationToForwardingPty
C.3.36   cugIndex
C.3.37   cugInterlock
C.3.38   intraCugOptions   PDF-p. 124      Up
C.3.39   assocOwnerBSG
C.3.40   activationStatus
C.3.41   registrationStatus
C.3.42   forwardedToNumber
C.3.43   forwardedToSubaddress   PDF-p. 125
C.3.44   noReplyConditionTimer
C.3.45   interCugRestrictions
C.3.46   preferentialCugIndicator
C.3.47   maxNumberOfLogicalHlr
C.3.48   currentNumberOfLogicalHlr   PDF-p. 126      Up
C.3.49   maxNumberOfImsiInHlr
C.3.50   currentNumberOfImsiInHlr
C.3.51   maxNumberOfMsisdnInHlr
C.3.52   currentNumberOfMsisdnInHlr   PDF-p. 127
C.3.53   defaultPW
C.3.54   defaultAnnouncement
C.3.55   listOfValidCUGInterlockCodes
C.3.56   hlrId
C.3.57   hlrNumber   PDF-p. 128
C.3.58   maxNumberOfImsiInLogicalHlr      Up
C.3.59   currentNumberOfImsiInLogicalHlr
C.3.60   maxNumberOfMsisdnInLogicalHlr
C.3.61   currentNumberOfMsisdnInLogicalHlr
C.3.62   aucId   PDF-p. 129
C.3.63   aucNumber
C.3.64   aucImsi
C.3.65   ki
C.3.66   algorithmA3A8
C.3.67   encryptionType   PDF-p. 130
C.3.68   maxNumberOfLogicalAuc      Up
C.3.69   currentNumberOfLogicalAuc
C.3.70   maxNumberOfImsiInAuc
C.3.71   currentNumberOfImsiInAuc
C.3.72   maxNumberOfImsiInLogicalAuc   PDF-p. 131
C.3.73   currentNumberOfImsiInLogicalAuc
C.3.74   vlrImsi
C.3.75   msisdn
C.3.76   odbData
C.3.77   vlrRoamingRestriction   PDF-p. 132
C.3.78   vlrImei      Up
C.3.79   bearerServiceList
C.3.80   teleserviceList
C.3.81   ssInfoList   PDF-p. 133
C.3.82   tmsi
C.3.83   cksn
C.3.84   locAreaId
C.3.85   imsiDetachFlag
C.3.86   radioConfirmationIndicator   PDF-p. 134
C.3.87   subDataConfByHlrIndicator
C.3.88   locInfoConfInHlrIndicator      Up
C.3.89   handoverNumber
C.3.90   mnrfVlr
C.3.91   basicServiceGroupList   PDF-p. 135
C.3.92   ssStatus
C.3.93   forwardingOptions
C.3.95   currentNumberOfImsiInVlr
C.3.96   maxNumberOfImsiInVlr
C.3.97   eirListId   PDF-p. 136
C.3.98   firstImei
C.3.99   lastImei      Up
C.3.100   maxNumberOfWhiteListEntries
C.3.101   maxNumberOfGreyListEntries
C.3.102   maxNumberOfBlackListEntries   PDF-p. 137
C.3.103   currentNumberOfWhiteListEntries
C.3.104   currentNumberOfGreyListEntries
C.3.105   currentNumberOfBlackListEntries
C.3.106   fileBasedManagementId   PDF-p. 138
C.3.107   fileExecutionProgressLevel
C.3.108   rsziListId
C.3.109   rsziList      Up
C.3.110   rsziListPointers
C.3.111   bcaSetId   PDF-p. 139
C.3.112   applicationToAllBSGs
C.3.113   msisdnRangeInLogicalHlr
C.3.114   fileExecutedInfoValue
C.5   Notifications   PDF-p. 141
C.6   Parameters
C.7.1   HLR Name Bindings
C.7.2   AUC Name Binding   PDF-p. 146
C.7.3   VLR Name Bindings
C.7.4   EIR Name Bindings
C.8   Syntax Definitions
C.9   Application Context   PDF-p. 154
D   Change History   PDF-p. 155

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