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8   Base station system network aspects   PDF-p. 92
8.1   Base station system network functions
8.1.1   General
8.1.2   Testing of the DTAP   PDF-p. 93
8.1.3   Testing of the BSSMAP and RR functions   System information   PDF-p. 96      Up   Service requests in SABM frames   PDF-p. 98   Random access by MS and immediate assignment   PDF-p. 100   Paging   PDF-p. 106   Measurement reporting   Assignment   PDF-p. 109   External handover as seen from the old BSS   PDF-p. 122   External handover as seen from the new BSS   PDF-p. 126   Internal handover   Frequency redefinition   PDF-p. 150   Transmission mode change   PDF-p. 151      Up   Ciphering mode setting   PDF-p. 152   Additional assignment   PDF-p. 158   Partial release   Classmark   PDF-p. 159   Channel release   PDF-p. 160   Radio link failure   PDF-p. 164   Blocking   Resource indication   PDF-p. 172   Reset   PDF-p. 177   Handover candidate enquiry   PDF-p. 182      Up   Trace invocation   PDF-p. 186   Flow control   Data link control for SAPI not equal to 0      Up   Queuing indication   PDF-p. 191   Short Message Service Cell Broadcast (SMSCB)   PDF-p. 194      Up   Unequipped circuit   Confusion

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