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3GPP (CT6)
TS 11.13














Test specification for Subscriber Interface Module (SIM) Application Programme Interface (API) for Java card

(P) GSM Rel-99 v8.3.0    2004/12    427 p.
(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.4.2    2002/09    390 p.

Rapporteur:  MICHEL, Alexis
Descendant(s):  TS 51.013     TS 31.213    

This TS covers the minimum characteristics considered necessary in order to provide compliance to TS 03.19.

This TS describes the technical characteristics and methods of test for testing the SIM API for Java Card implemented in the subscriber identity modules (SIMs) for GSM.

1   Scope   PDF-p. 10
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   PDF-p. 11
4   Test Environment   PDF-p. 12
5   Test plan
6   API Test Plan   PDF-p. 19
6.1   Package sim.access:
6.2   Package sim.toolkit
6.2.1   Interface ToolkitConstants      Up
6.2.2   Interface ToolkitInterface   PDF-p. 59
6.2.3   Class EditHandler   PDF-p. 60
6.2.4   Class EnvelopeHandler
6.2.5   Class EnvelopeResponseHandler   PDF-p. 91
6.2.6   Class MEProfile   PDF-p. 130
6.2.7   Class ProactiveHandler   PDF-p. 136      Up   Method getTheHandler   Method init   PDF-p. 137   Method initDisplayText   PDF-p. 139   Method initGetInkey   PDF-p. 142   Method initGetInput   PDF-p. 145   Method send   PDF-p. 148   Method getLength   PDF-p. 151   Method copy   PDF-p. 152   Method findTLV   PDF-p. 153   Method getValueLength   PDF-p. 155      Up   Method getValueByte   PDF-p. 156   Method copyValue   PDF-p. 158   Method compareValue   PDF-p. 160   Method findAndCopyValue(byte tag, byte[] dstBuffer, short valueOffset)   PDF-p. 163   Method findAndCopyValue(byte tag, byte occurence, short valueOffset, byte[] dstBuffer, short dstOffset, short dstLength)   PDF-p. 165   Method findAndCompareValue(byte tag, byte[] compareBuffer, short compareOffset)   PDF-p. 168   Method findAndCompareValue(byte tag, byte occurence, short valueOffset, byte[] compareBuffer, short compareOffset, short compareLength)   PDF-p. 171   Method appendArray   PDF-p. 175   Method appendTLV(byte tag, byte value)   PDF-p. 177   Method appendTLV(byte tag, byte value1, byte value2)   PDF-p. 178      Up   Method appendTLV(byte tag, byte[ ] value, short valueoffset, short valuelength)   PDF-p. 180   Method appendTLV(byte tag, byte value1, byte[ ] value2, short value2offset, short value2length)   PDF-p. 183   Method clear   PDF-p. 185
6.2.8   Class ProactiveResponseHandler   PDF-p. 186
6.2.9   Class ToolkitRegistry   PDF-p. 230
6.2.10   Class ViewHandler   PDF-p. 262
6.2.11   Class ToolkitException
6.3   SIM Toolkit Framework   PDF-p. 265
6.3.1   Minimum Handler Availability
6.3.2   Handler Integrity   PDF-p. 301
6.3.3   Applet Triggering   PDF-p. 324
6.3.4   Proactive Command Sending by the STF   PDF-p. 359
6.3.5   Exception Handling   PDF-p. 362
6.3.6   Framework Security Management   PDF-p. 364
6.3.7   Envelope Response Posting   PDF-p. 368
6.3.8   Toolkit Installation
6.3.9   File System Context   PDF-p. 391
6.3.10   Other parts transferred to framework from API   PDF-p. 397      Up
A  (normative)   Class and Methods AID numbering and acronyms   PDF-p. 400
B  (normative)   Script file syntax and format description   PDF-p. 406
C  (normative)   Default Prepersonalization   PDF-p. 409
D  (normative)   sim.test.util package and loading , testing and cleaning script examples   PDF-p. 416
E  (normative)   Test Area files   PDF-p. 417
F  (normative)   AID numbering and acronyms for Framework tests   PDF-p. 418      Up
G  (normative)   Configuration Parameters File   PDF-p. 421
H   Change history   PDF-p. 425      Up