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TS 11.10-2














Mobile station (MS) conformance specification – Part 2: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma specification

(W) GSM Phase-2 v4.16.0    2001/09    8 p.

Rapporteur:  BAEV, Stoyan
See also:  TS 11.10     TS 51.010-2    

This TS provides the Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma for Global System for Mobile Stations (MSs), operating in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency band (GSM 900 and DCS 1800) within the European digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2), in compliance with the relevant requirements, and in accordance with the relevant guidance given in ISO/IEC 9646 7 and ETS 300 406.