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3GPP (CT4)
TR 10.02














Guidelines for the modification of the Mobile Application Part (MAP) in phase 2+

(W) GSM Rel-97 v6.1.0    1999/10    23 p.
(W) GSM Rel-96 v5.1.0    1999/02    23 p.

Rapporteur:  WIEHE, Ulrich
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After completion of MAP version 2 the introduction of new or modification of existing features and services in phase 2+ requires changes to the Mobile Application Part (MAP) specification. This handbook gives some guidelines how to introduce changes into MAP. Protocol as well as application aspects are considered at once.

1   Scope   Word-p. 5
2   MAP guidelines
2.1   General
2.2   General aspects on MAP modifications
2.3   Introduction of changes in MAP   Word-p. 8
2.3.1   Relation of MAP service and MAP operation
2.3.2   Definition of a new parameter   Word-p. 9      Up
2.3.3   Definition of a new error
2.3.4   Definition of a new operation
2.3.5   Addition of parameters to an existing operation or error   Word-p. 13
2.3.6   Addition of errors to operations
2.3.7   Deletion of parameters, errors and operations
2.3.8   ASN.1 guide-lines and compatibility   Word-p. 14
2.3.9   Definition of a new Application Context   Word-p. 22      Up
2.3.10   Definition of a new interface
2.3.11   Update of procedural descriptions
2.3.12   Error handling
A   Change History   Word-p. 23