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A2.50   Enhanced full-rate Speech Codec   Word-p. 202
A2.51   High Speed Circuit Switched Data   Word-p. 204
A2.52   Special SMS-Message-Indication   Word-p. 205
A2.53   Handsfree MS   Word-p. 206
A2.54   IMEI Check Digits (ICD)   Word-p. 207
A2.55   Software Version Number (SVN)   Word-p. 208
A2.60   SMS Concatenation   Word-p. 209
A2.62   Packet data on signalling channels   Word-p. 210
A2.63   Support of Restricted Digital Information and V.120 rate adaption in GSM   Word-p. 212      Up
A2.64   SIM Interface Data Transfer Speed Enhancement   Word-p. 214
A2.67   Transmission of Date/Time and Zone   Word-p. 215
A2.73   A-bis Management of Measure on the BTS site   Word-p. 216
A2.74   A-bis Management of reconfiguration of BTS site   Word-p. 218
A2.75   A-bis Management of Alarms/Faults on the BTS site   Word-p. 220
A2.76   Display of Service Provider Name by the ME   Word-p. 222
A2.78   Concurrent SMS/CBS and data transfer in GSM 07.05   Word-p. 223
A2.79   SIM Application Toolkit   Word-p. 224
A2.82   Service Dialling Numbers   Word-p. 226
A2.83   Improved Transcoder Handling   Word-p. 227      Up
A2.86   SMS Mobile Busy   Word-p. 229
A2.87   SMS Interworking Extensions   Word-p. 232
A2.89   Barred Dialling Numbers (BDN)   Word-p. 234
A2.90   Mobile Assisted Frequency Allocation   Word-p. 236
A2.91   Support of additional call set-up MMI procedures   Word-p. 238
A2.92   Characteristics and test methods for handsfree mobile station   Word-p. 240
A2.93   Test method for handset and headset mobile station   Word-p. 242
A2.99   Inclusion of deferred tracing capabilities in GSM 12.08   Word-p. 244

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