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TR 09.94 (CT1)
Recommended infrastructure measures to overcome specific Mobile Station (MS) faults

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(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.0.1    2002/12    10 p.
(P) GSM Rel-97 v6.1.1    2002/12    10 p.
(P) GSM Rel-96 v5.1.1    2002/12    10 p.
(P) GSM Phase-2 v4.6.1    2002/12    10 p.

Rapporteur:  ANDERSEN, Niels Peter Skov
Descendant(s):  TR 29.994    

This TR clarifies recommended measures which may be adopted by the GSM infrastructure to enable interworking to be obtained between the GSM infrastructure and various Mobile Station (MS) implementations of the GSM Phase 1 and Phase 2/2+ standard. The objective is to obtain compatibility without changing the consolidated set of Phase 1 and Phase 2/2+ specifications. This TR describes the recommended changes to the infrastructure to cater for specific faults within some MSs.

The lifetime of the herein described measures together with their potential impact on optimal network performance is out of the scope of this TR.


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