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24   GPRS process description   PDF-p. 778
25   General macro description   PDF-p. 790      Up
25.1   MAP open macros
25.2   Macros to check the content of indication and confirmation primitives   PDF-p. 795
25.3   The page and search macros   PDF-p. 798
25.4   Macros for handling an Access Request   PDF-p. 802      Up
25.5   Authentication macros and processes   PDF-p. 814
25.6   IMEI Handling Macros   PDF-p. 826
25.7   Insert Subscriber Data Macros   PDF-p. 837
25.8   Request IMSI Macros   PDF-p. 853
25.9   Tracing macros   PDF-p. 857
25.10   Short Message Alert procedures   PDF-p. 870
A   Cross-reference for abstract syntaxes of MAP   PDF-p. 877
B   Fully expanded ASN.1 sources for abstract syntaxes of MAP   PDF-p. 1044      Up
C   Void
D   Clause mapping table   PDF-p. 1112
E   Change History   PDF-p. 1113

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