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7.6.3   Subscriber management parameters   Category   Equipment status   Extensible Bearer service   Extensible Teleservice   Extensible Basic Service Group   GSM bearer capability   Subscriber Status      Up   CUG Outgoing Access indicator   Operator Determined Barring General Data   ODB HPLMN Specific Data   PDF-p. 76   Regional Subscription Data   Regional Subscription Response   Roaming Restriction Due To Unsupported Feature   Extensible SS-Info   Extensible Forwarding information   PDF-p. 77   Extensible Forwarding feature   Extensible SS-Status      Up   Extensible Forwarding Options   Extensible No reply condition timer   Extensible Call barring information   Extensible Call barring feature   PDF-p. 78   CUG info   CUG subscription   CUG interlock   CUG index   CUG feature   Inter CUG options   PDF-p. 79      Up   Intra CUG restrictions   Extensible SS-Data   Subscriber State   Requested Info   Suppression of Announcement   Suppress T-CSI   GMSC CAMEL Subscription Info   VLR CAMEL Subscription Info   Supported CAMEL Phases   PDF-p. 80   CUG Subscription Flag      Up   CAMEL Subscription Info Withdraw   Voice Group Call Service (VGCS) Data   Voice Broadcast Service (VBS) Data   ISDN bearer capability   Lower layer Compatibility   High Layer Compatibility   Alerting Pattern   GPRS Subscription Data Withdraw   GPRS Subscription Data   QoS-Subscribed      Up   VPLMN address allowed   Roaming Restricted In SGSN Due To Unsupported Feature   PDF-p. 81   Network Access Mode   Mobile Not Reachable Reason   Cancellation Type   All GPRS Data   Complete Data List Included   PDP Context Identifier   LSA Information   SoLSA support indicator      Up   LSA Information Withdraw   LMU Indicator   LCS Information   GMLC List   PDF-p. 82   LCS Privacy Exception List   LCS Privacy Exception Parameters   External Client List   Internal Client List   MO-LR List   Privacy Notification to MS User      Up   GMLC List Withdraw
7.6.4   Supplementary services parameters   PDF-p. 83
7.6.5   Call parameters
7.6.6   Radio parameters
7.6.7   Authentication parameters
7.6.8   Short message parameters   PDF-p. 90
7.6.9   Access and signalling system related parameters
7.6.10   System operations parameters   PDF-p. 94      Up
7.6.11   Location Service Parameters
7.7   Representation of a list of a basic parameter in service-primitives

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