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7   General on MAP services   PDF-p. 54
7.1   Terminology and definitions
7.2   Modelling principles
7.3   Common MAP services   PDF-p. 55
7.4   Sequencing of services   PDF-p. 62
7.5   General rules for mapping of services onto TC   PDF-p. 63
7.6   Definition of parameters   PDF-p. 65
7.6.1   Common parameters   PDF-p. 67
7.6.2   Numbering and identification parameter   PDF-p. 71   IMSI   TMSI   IMEI   Previous location area Id   Stored location area Id   Current location area Id   Target location area Id      Up   Target cell Id   Void   Originating entity number   MSC number   Target MSC number   PDF-p. 72   HLR number   VLR number   HLR Id   LMSI   MS ISDN   OMC Id      Up   Roaming number   Void   Handover number   Forwarded-to number   Forwarded-to subaddress   Called number   Calling number   Originally dialled number   PDF-p. 73   Service centre address   Zone Code   MSIsdn-Alert      Up   Location Information   GMSC Address   VMSC Address   Group Id   North American Equal Access preferred Carrier Id   SIWFS Number   B-subscriber address   Serving cell Id   SGSN number   PDF-p. 74   SGSN address      Up   GGSN address   GGSN number   APN   Network Node number   PDP-Type   PDP-Address   Additional number   P-TMSI   B-subscriber number   B-subscriber subaddress      Up   LMU Number   PDF-p. 75   MLC Number

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