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8 Mobile Equipment control and status commands8.1 Phone activity status +CPAS8.2 Set phone functionality +CFUN8.3 Enter PIN +CPIN8.4 Battery charge +CBC8.5 Signal quality +CSQ8.6 Mobile Equipment control mode +CMEC8.7 Keypad control +CKPD8.8 Display control +CDIS8.9 Indicator control +CIND8.10 Mobile Equipment event reporting +CMER8.11 Select phonebook memory storage +CPBS8.12 Read phonebook entries +CPBR8.13 Find phonebook entries +CPBF8.14 Write phonebook entry +CPBW8.15 Clock +CCLK8.16 Alarm +CALA8.17 Generic SIM access +CSIM8.18 Restricted SIM access +CRSM8.19 Secure control command +CSCC8.20 Alert sound mode +CALM $(AT R97)$8.21 Ringer sound level +CRSL $(AT R97)$8.22 Vibrator mode +CVIB $(AT R97)$8.23 Loudspeaker volume level +CLVL $(AT R97)$8.24 Mute control +CMUT $(AT R97)$8.25 Accumulated call meter +CACM $(AT R97)$8.26 Accumulated call meter maximum +CAMM $(AT R97)$8.27 Price per unit and currency table +CPUC $(AT R97)$8.28 Call Meter maximum event +CCWE $(AT R98)$8.29 Power class +CPWC$(AT R98)$8.30 Set Language +CLAN$(AT R98)$8.31 Language Event +CLAE$(AT R98)$8.32 Set Greeting Text +CSGT$(AT R98)$8.33 Set Voice Mail Number +CSVM$(AT R98)$8.34 Ring Melody Playback +CRMP$(AT R98)$8.35 Master Reset +CMAR$(AT R98)$8.36 List all available AT commands +CLAC$(AT R98)$8.37 Informative examples


8  Mobile Equipment control and status commandsPDF-p. 59
8.1  Phone activity status +CPASPDF-p. 60
8.2  Set phone functionality +CFUN
8.3  Enter PIN +CPINPDF-p. 61
8.4  Battery charge +CBCPDF-p. 62
8.5  Signal quality +CSQPDF-p. 63Up
8.6  Mobile Equipment control mode +CMEC
8.7  Keypad control +CKPDPDF-p. 64
8.8  Display control +CDISPDF-p. 65
8.9  Indicator control +CINDPDF-p. 66
8.10  Mobile Equipment event reporting +CMERPDF-p. 67
8.11  Select phonebook memory storage +CPBSPDF-p. 68
8.12  Read phonebook entries +CPBRPDF-p. 69
8.13  Find phonebook entries +CPBFPDF-p. 70
8.14  Write phonebook entry +CPBWPDF-p. 71
8.15  Clock +CCLKUp
8.16  Alarm +CALAPDF-p. 72
8.17  Generic SIM access +CSIMPDF-p. 73
8.18  Restricted SIM access +CRSM
8.19  Secure control command +CSCCPDF-p. 74
8.20  Alert sound mode +CALM $(AT R97)$PDF-p. 75
8.21  Ringer sound level +CRSL $(AT R97)$PDF-p. 76
8.22  Vibrator mode +CVIB $(AT R97)$
8.23  Loudspeaker volume level +CLVL $(AT R97)$PDF-p. 77
8.24  Mute control +CMUT $(AT R97)$
8.25  Accumulated call meter +CACM $(AT R97)$PDF-p. 78Up
8.26  Accumulated call meter maximum +CAMM $(AT R97)$
8.27  Price per unit and currency table +CPUC $(AT R97)$PDF-p. 79
8.28  Call Meter maximum event +CCWE $(AT R98)$
8.29  Power class +CPWC$(AT R98)$PDF-p. 80
8.30  Set Language +CLAN$(AT R98)$PDF-p. 81
8.31  Language Event +CLAE$(AT R98)$PDF-p. 82
8.32  Set Greeting Text +CSGT$(AT R98)$
8.33  Set Voice Mail Number +CSVM$(AT R98)$PDF-p. 83
8.34  Ring Melody Playback +CRMP$(AT R98)$PDF-p. 84
8.35  Master Reset +CMAR$(AT R98)$Up
8.36  List all available AT commands +CLAC$(AT R98)$PDF-p. 85
8.37  Informative examples

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