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TS 07.07 (CT1)
AT Command set for GSM Mobile Equipment (ME)

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(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.8.0    2003/03    126 p.
(P) GSM Rel-97 v6.5.0    2001/04    117 p.
(P) GSM Rel-96 v5.9.1    1999/07    98 p.
(P) GSM Phase-2 v4.4.1    1998/11    78 p.

Rapporteur:  MONRAD, Atle
Descendant(s):  TS 27.007    

This TS specifies a profile of AT commands and recommends that this profile be used for controlling Mobile Equipment (ME) functions and GSM network services from a Terminal Equipment (TE) through Terminal Adaptor (TA). The command prefix +C is reserved for Digital Cellular in ITU T Recommendation V.25ter.

This TS has also the syntax details used to construct these extended GSM commands. Commands from ITU T Recommendation V.25ter and existing digital cellular standards (TIA IS 99 and TIA IS 135) are used whenever applicable. Some of the new commands are defined in such a way that they can be easily applied to ME of networks other than GSM. ITU T T.31 and T.32 fax AT commands may be used for GSM fax transmission from TE. GSM Short Message Service AT commands are defined in TS 07.05. GPRS AT commands are defined in clause 10 of this TS.

This TS assumes an abstract architecture comprising a TE (e.g. a computer) and a ME interfaced by a TA. The span of control of the defined commands should allow to handle any physical implementation that this abstract architecture may lead to:
  • TA, ME and TE as three separate entities;
  • TA integrated under the ME cover, and the TE implemented as a separate entity;
  • TA integrated under the TE cover, and the ME implemented as a separate entity;
  • TA and ME integrated under the TE cover as a single entity.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 8
2   References
3   Abbreviations and definitions   PDF-p. 10
4   AT command syntax
5   General commands
6   Call control commands and methods   PDF-p. 21      Up
7   Network service related commands   PDF-p. 38
8   Mobile Equipment control and status commands   PDF-p. 59
8.1   Phone activity status +CPAS   PDF-p. 60
8.2   Set phone functionality +CFUN
8.3   Enter PIN +CPIN   PDF-p. 61
8.4   Battery charge +CBC   PDF-p. 62
8.5   Signal quality +CSQ   PDF-p. 63      Up
8.6   Mobile Equipment control mode +CMEC
8.7   Keypad control +CKPD   PDF-p. 64
8.8   Display control +CDIS   PDF-p. 65
8.9   Indicator control +CIND   PDF-p. 66
8.10   Mobile Equipment event reporting +CMER   PDF-p. 67
8.11   Select phonebook memory storage +CPBS   PDF-p. 68
8.12   Read phonebook entries +CPBR   PDF-p. 69
8.13   Find phonebook entries +CPBF   PDF-p. 70
8.14   Write phonebook entry +CPBW   PDF-p. 71
8.15   Clock +CCLK      Up
8.16   Alarm +CALA   PDF-p. 72
8.17   Generic SIM access +CSIM   PDF-p. 73
8.18   Restricted SIM access +CRSM
8.19   Secure control command +CSCC   PDF-p. 74
8.20   Alert sound mode +CALM $(AT R97)$   PDF-p. 75
8.21   Ringer sound level +CRSL $(AT R97)$   PDF-p. 76
8.22   Vibrator mode +CVIB $(AT R97)$
8.23   Loudspeaker volume level +CLVL $(AT R97)$   PDF-p. 77
8.24   Mute control +CMUT $(AT R97)$
8.25   Accumulated call meter +CACM $(AT R97)$   PDF-p. 78      Up
8.26   Accumulated call meter maximum +CAMM $(AT R97)$
8.27   Price per unit and currency table +CPUC $(AT R97)$   PDF-p. 79
8.28   Call Meter maximum event +CCWE $(AT R98)$
8.29   Power class +CPWC$(AT R98)$   PDF-p. 80
8.30   Set Language +CLAN$(AT R98)$   PDF-p. 81
8.31   Language Event +CLAE$(AT R98)$   PDF-p. 82
8.32   Set Greeting Text +CSGT$(AT R98)$
8.33   Set Voice Mail Number +CSVM$(AT R98)$   PDF-p. 83
8.34   Ring Melody Playback +CRMP$(AT R98)$   PDF-p. 84
8.35   Master Reset +CMAR$(AT R98)$      Up
8.36   List all available AT commands +CLAC$(AT R98)$   PDF-p. 85
8.37   Informative examples
9   Mobile Equipment errors   PDF-p. 89
10   Commands for GPRS   PDF-p. 92
10.1   Commands specific to MTs supporting the GPRS
10.2   Modem compatibility commands
A  (Normative)   Summary of commands from other standards   PDF-p. 110
B  (Normative)   Summary of result codes   PDF-p. 112
C   Commands from TIA IS-101   PDF-p. 113
D   Bibliography   PDF-p. 120
E   Mobile originated alternating voice/data call example   PDF-p. 121
F   Mobile terminated voice followed by data call example   PDF-p. 122
G   Voice call example   PDF-p. 123
H   Change History   PDF-p. 124

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