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A  Method for generating Objective Performance MeasuresPDF-p. 13
B (Normative)  Methodology for Measuring Subjective SNR Improvement for CCR ExperimentsPDF-p. 19
C (Normative)  Test Plan for Checking Conformance to RequirementsPDF-p. 20
C.1  IntroductionPDF-p. 21
C.2  Document Structure
C.3  References, Conventions, and ContactsPDF-p. 22Up
C.4a  Key Acronyms
C.4b  Contact NamesPDF-p. 23
C.5  Roles and ResponsibilitiesPDF-p. 24
C.6  Information relevant to all ExperimentsPDF-p. 25
C.7  Experiment 1: Degradation in Clean Speech (Pair Comparison Test)PDF-p. 31
C.8  Experiments 2a, 2b & 2c: No degradation of Speech and no Undesirable Effects in Residual Noise in Conditions with Background Noise (ACR)PDF-p. 38
C.9  Experiments 3a & 3b: Performances in Background Noise Conditions (Mod-CCR)PDF-p. 45
C.10  Experiments 4: Influence of Input Level, Voice Activity Detection and Discontinuous Transmission (CCR)PDF-p. 53Up
C.11  Instructions to subjects and data collectionPDF-p. 60
C.12  Processing TablesPDF-p. 63
C.13  Presentation OrdersPDF-p. 64
D  Change historyPDF-p. 65Up

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