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TS 06.77 (SA4)
Minimum Performance Requirements for Noise Suppresser Application to the AMR Speech Encoder

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(P) GSM Rel-99 v8.1.1    2001/03    67 p.

Rapporteur:  USAI, Paolino
Descendant(s):  TS 26.077    

This TS specifies recommended minimum performance requirements for noise suppression algorithms intended for application in conjunction with the AMR speech encoder. This TS is for guidance purposes. Noise Suppression is intended to enhance the speech signal corrupted by acoustic noise at the input to the AMR speech encoder.

The use of this recommended minimum performance requirements specification is not mandatory except for those solutions intended to be endorsed by SMG11.

It is the intention of SMG11 to perform analysis and validation of any AMR noise suppression solution which is voluntarily brought to the attention of SMG11 in the future, using the requirements set out in this TS to facilitate such an analysis. In order for SMG11 to endorse such a solution, SMG11 must confirm that all the recommended minimum performance requirements are met.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   Description of Noise Suppression applied to AMR   PDF-p. 8
5   Requirements to be assessed by Objective Means
6   Requirements to be assessed by subjective tests   PDF-p. 10
7   Performance Objectives assessed by Objective Measures   PDF-p. 11
8   Interaction with supplementary services   PDF-p. 12
9   Interaction with Alternate and Followed by services
10   Interaction with other speech services
11   Interaction with DTMF and other signalling tones
12   Interaction with Lawful Intercept      Up
13   Interaction with TFO
A   Method for generating Objective Performance Measures   PDF-p. 13
B  (Normative)   Methodology for Measuring Subjective SNR Improvement for CCR Experiments   PDF-p. 19
C  (Normative)   Test Plan for Checking Conformance to Requirements   PDF-p. 20
C.1   Introduction   PDF-p. 21
C.2   Document Structure
C.3   References, Conventions, and Contacts   PDF-p. 22      Up
C.4a   Key Acronyms
C.4b   Contact Names   PDF-p. 23
C.5   Roles and Responsibilities   PDF-p. 24
C.6   Information relevant to all Experiments   PDF-p. 25
C.7   Experiment 1: Degradation in Clean Speech (Pair Comparison Test)   PDF-p. 31
C.8   Experiments 2a, 2b & 2c: No degradation of Speech and no Undesirable Effects in Residual Noise in Conditions with Background Noise (ACR)   PDF-p. 38
C.9   Experiments 3a & 3b: Performances in Background Noise Conditions (Mod-CCR)   PDF-p. 45
C.10   Experiments 4: Influence of Input Level, Voice Activity Detection and Discontinuous Transmission (CCR)   PDF-p. 53      Up
C.11   Instructions to subjects and data collection   PDF-p. 60
C.12   Processing Tables   PDF-p. 63
C.13   Presentation Orders   PDF-p. 64
D   Change history   PDF-p. 65      Up

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