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3GPP (SA4)
TS 06.11














Substitution and Muting of Lost Frames for Full Rate Speech Channels

(P) GSM Rel-99 v8.0.1    2001/11    9 p.
(P) GSM Rel-98 v7.0.1    1999/12    9 p.
(P) GSM Rel-97 v6.0.1    1998/11    9 p.
(P) GSM Rel-96 v5.0.1    1997/10    9 p.
(W) GSM Phase-2 v4.0.6    1998/04    9 p.
(P) GSM Phase-1 v3.0.1    1992/02    7 p.

Rapporteur:  NAVARRO, William
Descendant(s):  TS 46.011    

This TS defines a frame substitution and muting procedure which shall be used by the RX DTX handler when one or more lost speech or SID frames are received from the radio subsystem.

The requirements of this TS are mandatory for implementation in all GSM Base Station Systems (BSS) and Mobile Stations (MS).