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S   CTS system scenarios   PDF-p. 174
S.1   Introduction
S.2   Transmitter characteristics
S.3   Receiver characteristics   PDF-p. 186      Up
S.4   CTS-FP TI5 performance requirements   PDF-p. 193
S.5   Conclusion   PDF-p. 195
T   GSM 400 system scenarios   PDF-p. 196
T.0   Introduction
T.1   Frequency bands and channel arrangement
T.2   System Scenario Calculations for GSM 400 systems   PDF-p. 197
T.3   Worst Case Scenario Requirements   PDF-p. 200
T.4   Transmitter characteristics
T.5   Receiver characteristics
T.6   Receiver performance
U   850 MHz and 1900 MHz Mixed-Mode Scenarios   PDF-p. 211
V   LCS scenarios   PDF-p. 218
V.1   Introduction      Up
V.2   TOA Type A LMU in a Co-Located Deployment
V.3   Discussion of TOA LMU RF Specification   PDF-p. 220
V.4   Simulation results for TOA?LMU performance   PDF-p. 222
V.5   Discussion of RIT measurement performance of TOA LMU   PDF-p. 231
V.6   Simulations Results for E-OTD LMUs and E-OTD Capable MSs
V.7   BTS Frequency Source Stability, E-OTD reporting periods and E-OTD Location Accuracy   PDF-p. 239

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