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K  Block Erasure Rate Performance for GPRSPDF-p. 126
L  Proposal on how to report GPRS performance into GSM 05.05PDF-p. 128
M  GPRS simulation results in TU 3 and TU 50 no FHPDF-p. 134
N  C/Ic and Eb/No Radio Performance for the GPRS Coding SchemesPDF-p. 139
P  Block Error Rate and USF Error Rate for GPRSPDF-p. 144
Q  Block Error Rate and USF Error Rate for GPRS, 1800 MHzPDF-p. 155Up
R  Pico BTS RF ScenariosPDF-p. 161
R.1  Introduction
R.2  Fixed parameters
R.3  Maximum BTS Output PowerPDF-p. 162
R.4  BTS Receiver SensitivityPDF-p. 163
R.5  BTS Power Control Range
R.6  BTS Spectrum due to modulation and wideband noisePDF-p. 165Up
R.7  Spurious Emissions
R.8  Radio Frequency TolerancePDF-p. 166
R.9  Blocking Characteristics
R.10  pico- BTS AM suppression characteristicsPDF-p. 167
R.11  intermodulation
R.12  Pico BTS TI1.5 performance requirementsPDF-p. 171
R.13  timing and synchronisationPDF-p. 172

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