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13   Timers and counters   PDF-p. 263
A   Bibliography   PDF-p. 269
B   RLC data block delimitation examples   PDF-p. 270
C   Message Sequence Diagrams   PDF-p. 277
D   Examples of Fixed Allocation Timeslot Assignment   PDF-p. 278
E   Repeated Fixed Allocations   PDF-p. 282
F   Examples of Countdown procedure operation   PDF-p. 284
G   Handling of erroneous protocol data, examples   PDF-p. 286
H   Examples of ALLOCATION_BITMAP encoding principles   PDF-p. 289
I   EGPRS RLC Window Sizes   PDF-p. 291
J   An example of MCS-8 retransmission   PDF-p. 292
K   Change history   PDF-p. 296

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