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9  Radio Link Control (RLC) procedures in packet transfer mode
9.1  Procedures and parameters for peer-to-peer operationPDF-p. 87
9.1.1  Send state variable V(S)
9.1.1a  Control send state variable V(CS)Up
9.1.2  Acknowledge state variable V(A)
9.1.3  Acknowledge state array V(B)
9.1.4  Block sequence number BSNPDF-p. 89
9.1.4a  Reduced Block Sequence Number RBSN
9.1.5  Receive state variable V(R)
9.1.6  Receive window state variable V(Q)Up
9.1.7  Receive state array V(N)
9.1.8  Starting sequence number (SSN) and received block bitmap (RBB)
9.1.9  Window Size
9.1.10  CompressionPDF-p. 94
9.1.11  Segmentation of LLC PDUs into RLC data unitsPDF-p. 97
9.1.12  Re-assembly of LLC PDUs from RLC data units
9.1.12a  Segmentation of RLC/MAC control messages into RLC/MAC control blocksPDF-p. 98
9.1.12b  Re-assembly of RLC/MAC control messages from RLC/MAC control blocks
9.1.13  Priority of LLC PDUsPDF-p. 99
9.2  Operation during RLC/MAC control message transferUp
9.3  Operation during RLC data block transfer
9.4  Abnormal release casesPDF-p. 107
10  RLC/MAC block structure
10.0a  RLC/MAC block structureUp
10.0b  RLC/MAC block format conventions
10.1  Spare bitsPDF-p. 110
10.2  GPRS RLC data blocks
10.3  RLC/MAC control blocks
10.3a  EGPRS RLC data blocks and RLC/MAC headers
10.4  Header fieldsUp

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